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AARC is an ARRL-affiliated “Special Services” club with a rich history of support to the Alamance County, North Carolina area.  Our club’s callsign is K4EG, and our hamshack is located in the city of Burlington at 218 East Summit Avenue.

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  • AARC Members Score in 2013 Virginia QSO Party

                        QSO Party banner
    MANASSAS VA -- Members of the Alamance Amateur Radio Club did well in both sponsiring and operating in the 2013 VQP, according to results announced at the Manassas Hamfest on June 9th. The award plaque for Virginia Single Operator QRP was sponsored by Randy Drake, KB4QQJ, and was won by his good friend, Milton Coleman, K4OSO. Not surprisingly, Randy won the out-of-state QRP CW award. Dwayne Ayers, N4MIO, captured the out-of-state Phone/Mixed QRP trophy, and Garner Fleming, KK4CLY, won both the Single Operator Novice/Tech/Rookie and the Single Operator Youth categories. The AARC club sponsored the Virginia Expedition plaque.--Woody Woodward, K3VSA

  • Alamance Ham in 2013 Museum Ships Weekend

                        in Charleston at Museum Ships Weekend Event
    CHARLESTON SC -- AARC’s own Donnie Hurst, KG4ZOD, got the opportunity to operate aboard US Navy warships at Patriots Point in Charleston, South Carolina. The event was the annual worldwide Museum Ships Weekend, held early June, and three vessels from Patriots Point, the battleship Yorktown, the destroyer Laffey, and the submarine Clagamore were on the air.

    “I made a total of 280 QSOs during the three and a half hours I operated,” said Donnie, “and worked eleven other ships during that time. I even made a contact back here at home, with Kevin, WA4GQG in Graham. It was a really great event, and I already have my name on the list to operate again next year.”--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution unknown]

  • K4LAL’s “Extra Secret” Now Out of the Bag, Inspires Upgrade Fever

    DURHAM NC -- The secret is out, and now it can finally be told: Lee Laws, K4LAL passed his Extra class exam at the test session held on Saturday, May 25th at the DurHamFest. Even though his achievement was known to a select few, it could not be made public until Lee had a chance to make it known to his good friend and fellow AARC member, Donnie Hurst, KG4ZOD. “When I first was licensed as a Technician,” Lee explained, “Donnie had his General, and when I heard him on HF, he sent me an SWL card that said maybe I could get my license upgraded someday and qualify to talk to him. So when I got my Extra, I sent him a shot of my CSCE taken with my cell phone camera and added a text message, ’Waiting on you, buddy.’ I guess he'll be getting his own Extra upgrade now.”--Woody Woodward, K3VSA [photo attribution K4LAL]
    ASHEBORO NC -- In a related note, Randy Drake, KB4QQJ, also received his Extra after passing the exam at an test session in Asheboro the following weekend after Lee Laws, K4LAL, passed his. “When I asked Randy if he ever planned to get his Extra, he told me "NEVER!” said Lee. “He figured I'd never get around to taking my test, so he said ’when you get your extra I promise I'll take my test’. He ’assumed’ he wouldn't have to bother. So, a promise made is a debt unpaid, and after I told him I got mine, he went the following weekend to Asheboro and passed his test.” License upgrading seems to be catching here of late. Congratulations, Randy!--Woody Woodward, K3VSA

  • Alamance Hams High Achievers in 2013 NC QSO Party

    NC QSO Party
    RALEIGH NC -- AARC members took first, second, and third-place honors in the 2013 North Carolina QSO Party, according to results just posted on the RARS website.

    Taking first place for the Single Operator In-State SSB category was Donnie Hurst, K4ZOD, with 514 QSOs and a total of 107,112 points.  Donnie took second place in this category in 2012 and 2011, but this year enjoyed a wide margin over the runner-up.

    Taking third place in that same category was Lee Laws, K4LAL, with 327 QSOs and 61,676 points.

    “QRP legend” Randy Drake, KB4QQJ, tied W4TZM with 189 QSOs for the Expedition In-State Mixed QRP category but got edged out on multipliers and finished second with a very respectible 37,055 points.

    The K4EG club station took third place awards in the Club In-State Mixed category with 337 QSOs and 88,938 points.

    Other Alamance County operators to be posted on the scoreboard were WA4GQG and WB4M, both in the Single Operator In-State Mixed category with 18,366 and 2,000 points respectively.

    Congratulations to all the Alamance hams who partipated in this year’s NC QSO Party!--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution Raleigh Amateur Radio Society]

  • WA4A’s “Go Box” Takes Award at 2013 RARSFest

    WA4A and his
                        winning go box
    RALEIGH NC -- AARC’s own Bob Truitt, WA4A, was awarded first prize at the 2013 RARSFest’s “go box” contest.  We have seen some excellent portable communication sets in our time, but the one that Bob has created is truly an awesome piece of work.  Congratulations, Bob!--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution WA4A]

  • KK4FQT Now Achieves Extra Class

    RALEIGH NC -- Also at RARSFest 2013, AARC’s own John Lawson, KK4FQT, passed his Amateur Extra exam and has now reached the pinnacle of ham radio licensing. Congratulations, John!--Woody Woodward, K3VSA

  • Alamance Emergency Management People Earn Ham Licenses

    KK4PSS and
    BURLINGTON NC -- Two Burlington residents, Alva Sizemore, KK4PSS (standing) and Jesse Gwynn, KK4PST (seated) of the Alamance County Emergency Management office passed their Technician exams on March 21, 2013.  Alva and Jesse are the latest to join a nationwide trend of Emergency Services professionals who see the benefit of becoming licensed Amateur Radio operators.--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution KF4VTT]

  • AARC Members Take Ham Radio to School

    Demonstrating ham
                        radio at Efland-Cheeks Elementary
    EFLAND NC -- Members of the Alamance Amateur Radio Club spent a rainy night on Thursday, February 7th demonstrating Amateur Radio to visitors at the second annual “Math and Science Night” at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School.  Christopher and Randy Tate, KJ4UBL and KJ4UBM were joined by Woody Woodward, K3VSA and several members of the Orange County Radio Amateurs, and provided interested children and adults alike the opportunity to talk over the air.--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution KJ4UBM]

  • AARC Hams in 2012 Burlington Christmas Parade

    AARC Christmas
                        Parade float
    BURLINGTON NC -- Fifteen AARC members, some with their spouses and their children, took part in the 2012 annual Burlington Christmas Parade.  It could have been warmer, but the calypso Christmas music provided by KJ4UBM, interspersed with holiday greetings in Morse code, kept us warm while riding through the city on the float.--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution K3VSA]

  • KK4CLY Advances to “General”

    KK4CLY/AG   BURLINGTON NC -- Garner Fleming, KK4CLY, of the Alamance Amateur Radio Club successfully completed the 35 question exam for his General class license upgrade at a test session organized by AARC on Tuesday, September 18th.  “He fell asleep Monday night while he was studying for the test,” said his father, Doug Fleming, KF4VTT.  When asked for his own comments about the exam, Garner only said, “I’m tired.”  In addition, three others of the six candidates successfully passed their exams, achieving Technician tickets.--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution K3VSA]

  • Alamance Hams Work the 2012 Carousel Festival

                        Carousel Festival 2012 brochure   BURLINGTON NC -- Members of the Alamance Amateur Radio Club were out in force on Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th operating Special Event Stations and a PR table at the 25th annual Burlington Carousel Festival.  More photos to follow soon.--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution K3VSA]

  • KJ4UBL, KJ4UBM Obtain “Amateur Extra” Licenses

    KJ4UBL/AE and
                        KJ4UBM/AE   DALLAS NC -- Christopher Tate, KJ4UBL, and his father, Randy Tate, KJ4UBM, were awarded their Amateur Extra license upgrades at the test session at this year’s Shelby Hamfest, held in Dallas NC in Gaston County.  “They handed us our CSCEs, so I guess it was legit,” reported Randy, after arriving back in Burlington after a long, exhausting weekend, just in time to celebrate Christopher’s thirteenth birthday, on Sunday, September 2nd.--Woody Woodward, K3VSA  [photo attribution unknown]

  • KK4CLY Featured in September 2012 Issue of QST (see more.)
  • KJ4UBL Receives “NC ARRL Public Information Officer of the Year” Award (see more.)

PREVIEW - Upcoming 2017 Eatin' Meetings:

Mosca´s Restaurant - Burlington (Jan. Feb. Mar.)
Western Charcoal Steakhouse (Apr. May Jun.)
Southbound Sandwich - Burlington (Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov.)

AARC Officers:

Click on an officer’s callsign to view his “qrz.com” data.

  • K4QE   Tony Scandurra - President
  • KM4EFX   Billy Blanchard - Vice-President
  • KG4ZOL   Roger Lewis - Secretary/Treasurer
  • K4LAL   Lee Laws - Member at Large
  • KB4QQJ   Randy Drake K4EG Site Trustee/Webhosting Provider
  • KG4ZOD   Donnie Hurst - K4EG Site Trustee
  • WA4FFW   Mark McIntyre Sr - K4EG Callsign Trustee/Engineer
  • WA4HBQ   Braudie Fitch Jr - Repeater Engineer
  • KJ4UBL   Christopher Tate - Public Information Officer
  • K4QE   Tony Scandurra - DX/Contest Director

The AARC’s QSL Manager for K4EG is
Dwayne C. Ayers N4MIO
1120 Sally Drive
Graham, North Carolina, 27253-8517

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  The Amateur’s Code  

The Radio Amateur is

Considerate - Never knowingly operates in
such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

Loyal - Offers loyalty, encouragement and support
to other amateurs, local clubs, and the American Radio Relay League,
through which Amateur Radio in the United States is
represented nationally and internationally.

Progressive - With knowledge abreast of science,
a well-built and efficient station and operation above reproach.

Friendly - Slow and patient operating when requested;
friendly advice and counsel to the beginner, kindly assistance,
cooperation and consideration for the interests of others.
These are the hallmarks of the Amateur Spirit.

Balanced - Radio is an avocation, never interfering with duties
owed to family, job, school or community.

Patriotic - Station and skill always ready for
service to country and community.

-Paul Segal W9EEA

Contact us at “k4eg@arrl.net”

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Last updated May 8 2017

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