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Alamance County ARES:

ARES® is the “Amateur Radio Emergency Service.”

  1.   Introduction
  2.   Purpose
  3.   Activating
  4.   Mobilization
  5.   Net Control
  6.   Operations
  7.   Drills, Tests and Alerts
  8.   Officers
  9.   Meetings
  10.   Happenings
  11.   Documents
  12.   Alamance ARES Points System Login
  13.   Links

1.   Introduction:

  • 1.1: The Alamance County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is composed of FCC-licensed Amateur Radio operators who have voluntarily registered their capabilities and equipment for public service communications duty.
  • 1.2: Under Federal regulations, Amateur Radio public service communications are furnished without compensation of any kind.
  • 1.3: Alamance County ARES functions under this Emergency Plan under the direction of the Alamance County ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC), who is appointed by the ARRL North Carolina Section ARES Emergency Coordinator in consultation with the NC ARES Area 10 District Emergency Coordinator.
  • 1.4: The EC may appoint assistant ECs as needed for the ARES to function efficiently.

2.   Purpose:

  • 2.1: The purpose of this plan is to provide a written guide containing the minimum information that would be needed in an emergency. Each emergency is different, and flexibility to provide an adequate response to each is a necessity.
  • 2.2: The primary responsibility of Alamance County ARES is to furnish communications in the event of a disaster, when regular communications fail or are inadequate.
  • 2.3: All drills, training and instruction shall be carried out to ensure readiness to respond quickly in providing effective amateur emergency communications whenever an occasion may arise.
  • 2.4: The following agencies could be served during a communications emergency: Alamance County Chapter, American Red Cross; Alamance Regional Medical Center; Civil Preparedness; Emergency Management; Fire Department; Police Department; National Weather Service; and any other agencies requesting assistance from the ARES.

3.   Activating the Plan:

  • 3.1: In an emergency in which Amateur Radio might serve the community, Amateur Radio operators may be alerted by any city, county, Red Cross, Civil Preparedness, or similar by contacting an ARES member, preferably starting with one of the ARES oociers listed in Section 8 below, or on the AUXCOM roster and furnished to each agency.

  • 3.2: Any member of the Alamance County ARES who, for any reason, suspects a communications emergency exists should monitor the assigned net frequency for activity.
  • 3.3: If local telephone service is available, the EC and/or assistant ECs should be notified by telephone.

4.   Mobilization Procedure:

  • 4.1: If telephone service is available, the telephone tree maintained by the ARES officers is activated.

  • 4.2: Upon the awareness or notification that a communications emergency exists, members of the Alamance County ARES will call in to the Alamance County Emergency Net on the 146.67 MHz repeater. 
  •  If additional nets must be established or if the 146.67 MHz repeater is not in service, the 443.600 MHz repeater will be used (activated with a 123.0 Hz tone).  146.55 MHz simplex will be used where appropriate. 
  • 4.3: Mobile units and portable field command post stations are activated and dispatched.
  • 4.4: An EC will assume Net Control or delegate another station as Net Control Station (NCS). Control will be from the Burlington Police Department Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or other designated control station location, such as a mobile command post.
  • 4.5: The NCS is designated as a "Key Station" and will be extensively used during a communications emergency. Key Stations should have emergency power capability, if possible, with relief operators assigned to ensure continuous operation during all phases of an emergency.

5.   Duties of Net Control Stations:

6.   Operations:

7.   Drills, Tests and Alerts:

8.   ARES Officers:

9.   Meetings:

10.   Happenings:

11.   Alamance County ARES Documents

 12.  LINKS

                                                         ARRL Public Service Communications Manual          

                                                        NC EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT

                                                        Family Communications Plan (from ICS-22)

                                                        Radio Communications Training for First Response Volunteer Citizens Groups

                                                        NOAA Weather Radio - Listing of area stations and SAME codes

                                                        NC ARES - North Carolina Amateur Radio Emergency Service

                                                        NC ARES Area 10 - North Carolina Amateur Radio Emergency Service Area 10

                                                        Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

                                                        National Weather Service Raleigh NC Facebook Page

                                                        Triad Area SKYWARN

                                                        Ham Radio at the National Hurricane Center

                                                        Submit a Storm Report the NWS

                                                        WX4BUY - Alamance County ARES Weather Station


If you volunteer with Alamance County ARES, please take the Federal course on the Introduction to the National Incident Management System.

Individual Course can be found here:




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