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AARC Join Us:

  • If you’re a licensed Amateur Radio operator, or if you’re interested in becoming one, and you’re in the Alamance County area, then you’d be most welcome to join us.
  • Check our Welcome page for information about our regular meetings and other club activities.  

AARC Members:

(Click a callsign to view a member’s “qrz.com” information.  Click to visit a member’s homepage.)

  1. N4MIO            Dwayne C. Ayers  
  2. KM4EFX        Billy Blanchard
  3. N5YDM           Mack Brown
  4. KB4QQJ         Randy Drake 
  5. WA4HBQ       Braudie Fitch Jr
  6. KF4VTT          Doug Fleming
  7. KK4CLY         Garner Fleming
  8. KN4AXJ         Thomas Green
  9. KI4MGA         Gene Hill
  10. KG4ZOD        Donnie Hurst
  11. K4LAL            Lee Laws
  12. KI4DCP         Justin Lewis
  13. KG4ZOL        Roger Lewis
  14. N4WFL          Bill Lippard
  15. W4JPL          John Lloyd
  16. WA4FFW      Mark McIntyre Sr
  17. WB4SGC      Mary  Mitchell
  18. KN4CCD       William Perry
  19. W4VU            Dave Parks
  20. K4YLB           Paul Renigar
  21. KB4UPH       Jack Rutherford
  22. K4QE            Tony  Scandurra
  23. KE4ERG       George Stockwell
  24. KG4ZOI         Mark Swing
  25. KG4ZUI         Ryne Swing
  26. KJ4UBL        Christopher Tate
  27. KK4CMA      Elizabeth  Tate
  28. KJ4UBM       Randy Tate
  29. KM4EXZ       Lisa Turner
  30. KI4CUS        Charles Vitou
  31. W1ES           Steve Wedge
  32. N4RDW        Roger Williams
   Contact us at “k4eg@arrl.net”

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• Welcome • Membership • Field Day • ARES • Silent Keys

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