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AARC Silent Keys:

“(SK)” is short for “Silent Key”, which in Amateur Radio culture connotes a ham whose radiotelegraph key is silenced and will never again be heard over the air because he or she has passed away.  Whenever you see someone’s callsign with (SK) following, it means that ham has died. 

These hams, our former members, are gone now, but will never be forgotten:

  • Baldwin, Ed (“Baldy”)   K4FHB   (SK)
  • Beatty, Bob   W4ZOH   (SK)
  • Bell, Pat KI4JQM (SK)
  • Bond, Howard   WA4RHE   (SK)
  • Buffington, Ed (“Buff”)   W4VGZ  (SK)
  • Burleson, Aaron   WA4OOJ   (SK)
  • Cockman Jr, Jack   K4DRE   (SK)
  • Fox, Earl   W4DWR   (SK)
  • Gissiner, Merle  K4JNH   (SK)
  • Gissiner, Wanda  KD4JAT   (SK)
  • Goodman, Bob   WA4QNS   (SK)
  • Hawker, Brian   KI4NOK   (SK)
  • Howell, Jim K4VHO (SK)
  •  Harrison Charles "Duke" K2MZ (SK)
  • Kennedy, Mark   KA4IST   (SK)
  • Lambert Jr, Frank   WB4OUF   (SK)
  • Landolina, Bill   NJ4M   (SK)
  • Lovell, Kermit K4GGL (SK)
  • McFarland, Bill   K4PVZ   (SK)
  • Mitchell, Billy   WB4SGA   (SK)
  • Mullen, Whitney   WB4VHB   (SK)
  • Onslow Jr, Thompson   KB4FJT   (SK)
  • Reavis, John   K4CDI   (SK)
  • Rhames, Amos   WA4AR   (SK)
  • Robinson, John  K4NV   (SK)
  • Saunders, Tommy   KI4FKK   (SK)
  • Siler, Carl Jr   WB4VVP   (SK)
  • Wampler, Doug   KI4HVV   (SK)
  • White, Jim   WB4VH   (SK)
  • Woody, David   WA4RYO   (SK)

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  In Memory of Our Silent Keys  

My chair is sitting empty.  My call’s no longer heard.
My radio rests quietly.  From it comes no words.
On my shack door is a message that reads “From Me to Thee.”
My frequency’s much higher now.  I’ve become a Silent Key.

-Judy Hudson KC9CCJ

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